Because WYL contribute over all the housing value chain,
we offer valuables solutions for real estate.

We commit ourselves in giving the best information possible to all of our community members. 

We clearly explain all of our strategy, return target & advancement all over the process. 


We let our community invest easily on Real Estate backed tokens. 

In a few minutes you will be co-owner & investor in top quality Real Estate programs all over the world. 


With our technology, our goal is to make Real Estate more affordable by an order of 10%.

Our ambition is to have a positive impact on the Real Estate Crisis we are going through. 

Project Creation Timeline


We sources more than 1B€ of deals every years for our community. We have deals coming in different size & shapes. From residential to office spaces in different country. 

Our projects

We envision & build ambitious project that are here to stay for long. That way we are able to offer great returns to our community of investors & inhabitants. 


We offer you our plateforme in order to trades your coins on the different building you have. Our goal is to give maximum liquidity to our protocol. 

Real Life Benefits

A new access to property
You are able to invest in the best Real Estate deals all over the planet in a few clics. Moreover your tokens will be way more liquid than normal, traditional Real Estate. 
Fighting housing shortage by affordability
Housing crisis is a major pain of our today world. By investing in WYL Labs building you are contributing to create affordable housing.
Creating nice & virtuous housing
We belive that great housing will be beneficial to all our stackholders. So we give a perfect attention to create eco-friendly & enjoyable spaces for all the inhabitants.